Þórshöfn has a rich industrial history mainly based on access to ocean resources and agriculture. With emphasis on sustainability and responsible resource utilization the aim is to develop a clean, appealing industrial area with a mixture of production, research and service companies.

 Located on the northern edge of the town of Þórshöfn the area is close to the airport with regular flight to and from Reykjavík via Akureyri airport with Norlandair and Air Iceland Connect.

In the master plan the area is designated for mixed industrial and service activities. 

Þórshöfn master plan

Master plan of the town of Þórshöfn

In the more detailed local plan the area is intended for clean industrial activities, such as food-production, storage and other activities that bolster the local economy. 

Industrial area local plan

Þórshöfn industrial area local plan



Planning and EIA
Timelines regarding planning procedure and EIA can be found here.

Þórshöfn harbour has three main quays and a vibrant marine for smaller vessels. The harbour is designed for a mixture of vessels with fishing vessels being the backbone of operations. Transport vessels carrying oil, fertilizer and other cargo arrive regularly.    


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