Yes, we do have ice year-round, fitting the country's name, but this is in the highlands and the coastal area has an annual mean temperature of 4.5 °C. A hot summer day in urban areas is 20 °C and a cold winter day is -10 °C. Statistics on climate and geologic activities can be found at the Met office, including the temperature data from Akureyri presented below.

And if you are afraid that a volcano in the area might be erupting, you should check out the Volcano Catalogue.

 It can be windy here, and we have a Windatlas to enjoy.

Month, in AkureyriRecord lowest 2010-2018 averageRecord highest 2010-2018 average
December (generally coldest month) -13.9 °C 10,3 °C
July (generally hottest month) 4,7 °C 20,8 °C

Highcharts temperature graph

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