Iceland is a small agricultural nation and many of the farm animals need to be kept indoors in winter time, creating rather costly local production. However, no growth hormones are used in the farming industry and antibiotics are only applied for veterinarian purposes – higher quality meat is hard to find. When it comes to fish, it is caught in the fresh Atlantic ocean and in combination, the food export from Iceland is globally known for high quality, freshness and purity.

Greenhouse fruits and vegetables can be grown with a very limited amount of pesticides and some of the largest tomato- and cucumber manufacturers in Iceland are located in the Northeast area, see e.g. Hveravellir.

Fish farming can be considered as a large investment opportunity and expected to grow dramatically in the next few years. Arctic charr is a well known example of a fish farmed in Iceland without growth hormones, antibiotics or genetic modification, using clean energy and excellent fresh water.

 The fresh food we have had for centuries, and we still enjoy is described here.