Iceland's main international airport is in Keflavík, in the south-west corner of Iceland. This location is explained by the former presence of the US army, which originally funded the airport for their military activities remote from urban areas.

Out of the four airports in Northeast Iceland, only the one in Akureyri has scheduled international flights  and in addition supports charter flights for the tourist industry. Regular international flights are on the horizon, with destinations in Europe – commonly Britain and Scandinavia. The other three airports are smaller, at Húsavík (Husavik), Þórshöfn (Thorshofn) and Grímsey (Grimsey), the latter on a small island north from Eyjafjörður (Eyjafjordur).

Air strips exist in Siglufjörður (Siglufjordur), Reykjahlíð (Reykjahlid) and Bakkafjörður (Bakkafjordur).

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