Rangárvellir is above the town of Akureyri by the road up to Hlíðarfjall ski resort. Other neighbors include the University of Akureyri, Norðurorka utility company, Terra recycling and Glerá II hydropower station.  

The plot is 6,5 ha and is designated in the municipal master plan for a clean industrial development. This location is well suited for ventures that require an exceptionally high security for delivery of electricity. Proximity to Akureyri also provides instant access to essential operational services.  

Planning and EIA
Timelines regarding planning procedure and EIA can be found here.

Landsnet substation (220/132 kV), a vital part of the the Icelandic power transmission grid, is less than 400 meters away. This offers exceptional security for electricity delivery. The substation is connected to the Blanda hydropower station in the west and the Þeistareykir and Krafla geothermal power stations as well as Laxá and Fljótsdalur hydropower stations in the east. This concoction of clean electricity offers a unique opportunity to operate within the highest standards set for sustainability and social responsibility.

With Norðurorka utility company as the next door neighbor, access to all utilities is guaranteed. 

Port of Akureyri is the largest harbor in North Iceland where all major transport companies have operations both via sea and land. Akureyri airport provides domestic and international air services all year round. National road 1, also known as the Ring road, passes through Akureyri as well. Making Akureyri the connection capital of Iceland.

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