Seven major harbours exist in the area, with the largest at Akureyri, Siglufjordur and Husavik.

The harbours were originally mostly designed for the fishing industry, but with some cargo capacity and are now big enough to dock cruise ships. The docks at Akureyri, Siglufjordur, Olafsfjordur and Husavik are suited for export shipments from manufacturing industries and delivery of raw material.

Larger harbours have been planned (Dysnes) and Finnafjörður (Finnafjordur) for potential future service and cargo hubs on new north-eastern and north-western passages to and from markets in the Americas and Asia, linking to Europe and providing mining and oil exploration services in the Arctic region.

The biggest shipping companies servicing most of these harbours are Samskip and Eimskip.

Harbours are managed by separate entities, owned by the municipalities (see below). Note that the dock measurements (depth and length) listed in the sub-pages below refer to the longest single pier section, and the docks are usually longer than listed, but at variable depth. Contact the harbour representatives if you are actually bringing your cargo ship or other vessels to our harbours.

Dalvíkurbyggð - Dalvik harbours    (Harbours in Árskógssandur,  Hauganes and Dalvík)

Fjallabyggð - Fjallabyggd harbours    (Harbours in Ólafsfjörður and Siglufjörður)

Hafnasamlag Norðurlands    (Harbours in Akureyri, Grenivík, Grímsey, Hjalteyri and Hrísey)

Langaneshafnir    (Harbours in Bakkafjörður and Þórshöfn)

Norðurþing - Nordurthing harbours     (Harbours in Húsavík Kópasker and Raufarhöfn)


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