A great variety of sport activities exist in the region. Football is always popular, in particular in the summer, and handball is the nation's best known indoor sport. However, everything from chess, golf, badminton, judo, skating and horse riding to skiing, swimming and kayaking is practised in the area, and this is just a short list not mentioning many other sports. 18 swimming pools exist in the area – and these can be great locations not only for swimming, but also to meet people and relax in the hot water, a tradition rooted in modern Iceland culture.

Several annual or regular championships take place in the region, including Arctic Open (golf), Donald Duck (skiing), Ak Extreme (snowboarding), Dettifoss Trail Run, Hængur (disabled) and of course Ram Day in Raufarhöfn (sheep and farming). Children participate in numerous nationwide competitions in their respective sports, including N1 football and Sprengimót swimming competitions, both held in Akureyri.