The Bakki eco-industrial park is open to new opportunites. It is located right next to the beautiful town of Húsavík.

The Bakki eco-indurstrial area is located by national road no 85 about 2 km north of the town of Húsavík. The area is connected directly to Húsavík harbour with an industrial road specifically designed for heavy transport.
The total size of the area is 200 ha that has been designated in the municipal master plan for industrial development. PCC BakkiSilicon operates a plant that produces 33 thousand tons of silicon metal per year.
The area is well suited for small eco-friendly industrial operation that require 10-20 MW of green electricity. Ventures that can utilize heat and refined CO2 from the silicon metal plant would have a clear advantage.


Bakki master plan


Planning and EIA
Timelines regarding planning procedure and EIA can be found here.
The geothermal powerstation at Þeistareykir is the main provider of energy to the Bakki site.
The area is connected to the national power grid with Krafla geothermal powerstation and Laxárvirkjun hydro powerstation located close by.
Landsnet has a sub-station within the Bakki industrial site that connects directly to Þeistareykir geothermal powerplant and the national grid with a 220kV overhead power line.
The area has fresh water in abundance which is suitable for fire extinction, consumption and various forms of production.
Húsavík Harbour has two quays dedicated to freight and industrial transport.
The area is serviced by the largest transport companies in Icelandic, Eimskip and Samskip, with scheduled transport  routes both on land and sea.


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